Dorecom (pronounced Doe-rhee-come) is a company founded on the belief that even in our modern world, we can have our “Dreams Come True,” and this is the meaning behind our name.

In the world today, we believe it is possible that our dreams of better health, and a better society, are possible. Dorecom was started to help as many people as possible make that happen.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality ingredients in easy to use innovative products to make a difference in the lives of consumers throughout the world. To do that, we begin with the focus of taking CBD, an amazing nutrient that can benefit so many people, and making it easier to absorb and use than ever before.


901 Sam Rayburn Highway, Melissa, Texas 75454

President: Mr. Akihiro Nishimura

Hiro Nishimura, the president of Dorecom, has been in the direct sales industry for 24 years in Japan and overseas and has achieved the feat of winning the world's top rank at 6 companies.

Utilizing his experience, he has consulted for or been involved in the launching of about 300 companies in the Japan market. His business innovations are still being used by numerous Japanese direct selling companies.

One industry magazine ranked him 3rd in the “Top Ten Popular Speaker Rankings”.

Hiro’s leadership and management abilities cover a wide range of businesses and experiences. He is active in other industries as well. In Japan, he is a licensed architect (1st class) and owns his own architecture firm. He also owns a restaurant which was voted the best restaurant in Japan for two consecutive years.

VP of Customer Service: Ms. Masumi Barnes

Masumi Barnes has over 20 years of distinguished experience with major global corporations in the United States, Asia, and Africa. Her broad expertise includes general management, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, logistics, and extensive executive management experience in the direct selling industry. She is an expert in corporate setup, infrastructure, operations, and management for numerous markets.

In the past 10 years, she has been involved in opening new markets and start-up companies in the US, Asia and Africa. Because of her international experience, she has greatly helped the growth of several start-up companies.

Ms. Barnes is driven to help both customers and business affiliates have the best experience possible. Her ability to communicate effectively in both English and Japanese with people of different backgrounds and languages makes Ms. Barnes an invaluable asset to Dorecom.


We have teamed up with world leaders in research, manufacturing, and distribution.

LaCore Nutraceuticals

LaCore Nutraceuticals specializes in the product development and formulation of cutting-edge products in our state-of-the-art facility in Van Alstyne, TX. Our facility is modern and in compliance with cGMP standards, with state-of-the-art machinery and infrastructure.

“Quality is priority one.”

That isn’t just a statement. We mean it. And to make sure that you always receive the finest quality products, our manufacturing facility maintains many strict operating procedures for cleanliness, quality, and regulatory standards.

Some of these include:

* cGMP certification is a government recognized certification that ensures every batch of products contains exactly the same ingredients that are listed on the label.

LaCore Logistics

With a distribution partner already experienced in shipping billions of dollars in packages to numerous countries worldwide, LaCore Logistics knows what it takes to help put the products in the hands of people in a timely and professional manner.

As we expand into other countries around Asia and the rest of the world, LaCore Logistics will help ensure that this expansion goes as smoothly as possible so that people in many countries will be able to enjoy the benefits of our products.