Dorécom (pronounced Doe-rhee-come) is a company founded on the belief that even in our modern world, we can have our “Dreams Come True,” and this is the meaning behind our name.

In the world today, we believe it is possible that our dreams of better health, and a better society, are possible and Dorécom was started to help as many people as possible make that happen.

The Dorécom Community is designed to bless the lives of the people involved. Our Community is founded on the principles of equality, freedom, improvement, and working together. Becoming a Family Member in our Community, with its numerous benefits is absolutely free – with no enrollment fee and no annual fee.


*For details on this please check with a Family Member, or contact customer service.

As a Family Member, our growing base of happy customers and fans do more than merely post messages – they help us make a difference by sharing the free Dorécom community with others – and qualify for free products in the process!

In addition, Family Members can, without any cost, become Business Members and earn financial rewards, including Affiliate commissions, and optional team building bonuses by working together to help make “Dreams Come True” for others as well.

This is the heart of the Dorécom Community – working together to help make physical and financial health “Dreams Come True” for yourself, and for others as well!

Any income scenario is for illustration purpose only and does not constitute a guarantee of income. Success in any endeavor depends on many factors, including but not limited to the effort and time spent, knowledge and skill level, and market factors. Family Members and Business members are independent consumers and contractors of Dorecom.